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Tareq Aleidan Law Firm

About company

Our Company contains an Elite of Lawyers and Legal Advisors from Several Cultures and Nationalities, And Thanks for God That the Work team Have an Integrated Knowledge and Experience about Laws and Applied Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and International Trade Systems, We Have Could Offer Our Services for Everyone to Put in Their Hands the Best Solutions and Most Successful Means to Satisfy Their Needs.

Our view

Law Firma��s Manners is Our Religion Ones, So its Title is Generosity and Locality, and its origin is Believe, And its Attribute is Help and Strength, and its Meaning is standing with Weak and Wronged ones, and its Way is Frankness, and its Speech is Right.

Vision about our office

Our Company Starts His Legal Works with all Commercial, Economical, Civilian, and Administrative Activities through an Elite of Lawyers and Specialized Advisors in the Legal Fields, then Deals with Different Cases and Claims Starting from Investigation Procedure about Criminal Cases Up to Committing in Courts in Addition to Notes Writing and Objection Panels, on Behalf of Companies, Establishments, and individuals in Front of All Courts Including :

1- Public, Partial, Personal Conditions, and Execution Courts.

2- Penal, Administrative, Trading, Departments in Board of Grievances.

3- Half-judicial committees committees primary and upper to settle labor disputes and the Committee chapter in stock and Commission to settle disputes and insurance irregularities and the Committee to consider the violations of Press and Publication system and the Committee on Banking Disputes and customs committees settlement and the Committee chapter in commercial Paper disputes and other.

Our services do not stop after that, but extends to demand the implementation of local and foreign Judgments. And decisions of and objection to the request for its consideration and other than of Advocacy and litigation affairs.

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