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Our Company contains an Elite of Lawyers and Legal Advisors from Several Cultures and Nationalities,

And Thanks for God That the Work team Have an Integrated Knowledge and Experience about Laws and Applied Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and International Trade Systems, We Have Could Offer Our Services for Everyone to Put in Their Hands the Best Solutions and Most Successful Means to Satisfy Their Needs.

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  • Legal and rightful consultants
  • Preparing and forming contracts
  • Trading documents
  • Assessment and inventory of the estate and the heirs suite
  • Felonies
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Real states
  • insurance
  • Legal support to businessmen and companies
  • Arbitration

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1Legal and rightful consultants

The importance of consulting and legal legitimacy of Individual and entities in it as a real application of concepts based preventive law to guard against the occurrence of the conflict or the emergence of legal Violation and so we are proud of signing of a number of consulting contracts With a number of dignitaries and businessmen companies and universities to provide legitimate and legal advice to help them not to engage in conflicts and have the Saken Strategic Safe.

2Intellectual property protection

A-To make advice on all matters relating to ways registration and protection of intellectual property (authoring and publishing a�� brands a�� patents Industrial models - brand names copyright - computer applications software)

B- Registration and protection of intellectual property in various forms and various forms within saudi Arabia and abroad.

C-a complaints competent government agency in the event of rejection of the application and establishment of grievance proceedings against the administrative authorities with competence.

D -prosecution and advocacy in cases of infringement of intellectual property on the other is the follow up and with competent authorities and even adjudicated by a final judgment.

3Preparing and forming contracts

Studying commercial contracts and the exclusive agency for international companies and distribution contracts and franchise contracts and offer advice regarding audited the organization and the formulation of those contracts within the provisions of local and decisions in force in Saudi Arabia.

4Real states

The service that we offer

A a�� Drafting and organizing construction contracts, construction, implementation and supervision of engineering contracts and contracts for design centers and buildings to achieve a way that ensures the protection of the interests of the parties to the contract.

B a��Drafting and organizing sales contracts and concession and rent.

C-instituting proceeding concerning the restoration of rights that usually is in this aspect to recover from a rented property or the author of the hand or claim the value Of the sale or lease of that property.

5Trading documents

Some of Our Services That We Offer in this Field:.

A- Consultancy and clarify the best way to deal with the commercial papers.

B- Prosecution by the competent authorities (Chapter offices in commercial paper disputes) and follow-up to implementation interpolation.


The services in this field

A a�� A review of insurance contracts and formulation.

B- providing consultancy in the insurance contract disputes and pleading before the competent committees.

Tariq Abdullah Aleidan

Lawyer and an arbitrator and documented

Master Higher Judicial Institute specialty systems Islamic University Ph.D. Lawyer and an arbitrator and documented.